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Maple Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Church History

In July 1959, Everett Hills Baptist Church of Maryville, Tennessee felt that there might be a need of a
mission in the Carpenter Campground area.  Everett Hills rented a large tent and a revival was held
at the corner of Carpenter Grade Road and Mint Road.  The Rev. Benton Williams, pastor of Everett
Hills, held the revival.  The revival confirmed the need for a mission.  After the close of the revival, an
afternoon Sunday School was started under a large Maple tree in the yard of Clay Garland.  There
were about 15 to 20 people attending the Sunday School.

On December 6, 1959, Everett Hills organized a mission and Rev. Floyd Harrill was called as the
pastor.  After the first message, the doors of the church were opened for membership and 12
people came.  The Charter Members were Don Baker, Betty Baker, Lyda Cummings, Clay Garland,
Johnnie Mae Garland, Nell Garland, Rev. J. E. Hicks, Pauline Huffstetler, Jim Murphy, Lily Murphy,
Lily Rogers, and W. B. Rogers.

By January 1, 1960, the membership had grown to 21 members.  As the weather began to get cold,
Rev. I. S. Purkey offered the use of his little 5-room house on Mint Road.  This offer was accepted
and there remain many fond memories of the “little pink house”. As membership grew church
services were moved to Carpenter’s School from June 12, 1960 until September 11, 1961.  The
basement of the present church building was then complete and services were held there until the
sanctuary was completed on December 11, 1962. The Everett Hills Baptist Mission was organized
as the Maple Grove Missionary Baptist Church on July 14, 1963.


Current Pastor
Rev.  Allen Burchfield

Previous Pastors
Rev. Floyd Harrill        1963-66                
Rev. Ben Kennedy        1966-70                
Rev. Dale Saunders        1970-76                
Rev. Bill Reed         1977-78; 1980-82        
Rev. Gary Albright        1978-80                
Rev. Mack Murphy        1982-96                
Rev. Arkie Baker        1996-2008
Rev. Clifton Hearon 2008-2016
Previous Assistant or Interim Pastors:
Rev. J. E. Hicks
Rev. John B. Kizer
Rev. Eli Thomas
Rev. Alexander Nisbet
Rev. Ray Ferguson
Rev. Clayton Ferguson, Jr.
Rev. Sam Ward, Jr.
Rev. Horace Brown
Rev. Jimmy Riner
Church History
Maple Grove Missionary Baptist Church